2019 September 20th - 22nd


229 Cook St 2FLR


It has been a year since our first Plastic Whale exhibition. Throughout this year, we feel that our view towards the environment has improved a bit. We see “100% biodegradable” straws not only at big corporate coffee companies, but at small coffee shops. Even in Bushwick, we are starting to see some plastic free stores and it’s amazing! The question is what changes in our own personal life is contributing to a healthier and responsible environment.


We have a friend that cleans beaches in Shizuoka Japan as a volunteer working to save and conduct research on sea turtles. At the end of each day, a truck is over filled with garbage that barely fits in the back, only to find the same amount of trash the next day. Sadly, this is a never ending process. 


Although not everyone can do the same amount of work to save the environment, each of us need to think about what we can do as individuals as a global community.


This inspired Coperus to discuss ways that we, as artists can make this environmental issue more personal, and decided to host another exhibition on bringing not only awareness but solutions to this dire issue.


The most important thing with rescuing sea turtles is to maintain a clean beach for them to be able to give birth. However, those beaches are filled with trash and human waste. Female sea turtles must face tons of waste before arriving to a safe birthing spot. Unfortunately, most of them never reach that spot and will have to give birth in a dangerous location drastically reducing the turtle population.


There is a 1 in 1500 chance for sea turtles to reach adulthood because even after coming out of their shells, they must now navigate through excessive trash before arriving to water. Next, they will have to survive the man-made traps and waste under the water. 


Listening to all these heartbreaking stories of how we are treating mother earth as if it is our property sometimes makes us feel helpless and hopeless. There is not a more irresponsible idea than “Oh somewhere in the world, someday, someone will deal with these problems.” 


NO, we need to understand that we can no longer hope for others to do the work, because we have done that for too long already.

I remember someone saying: I wish being pro-environment, being passionate about saving the earth will just be a cool, hip trend.

Now, let me ask a question, how kind were you to the earth today? 

前回のPlastic Whaleの展示から一年。この一年だけでも少し環境に対する社会の変化を感じることが増えています。

大手コーヒーチェーンだけではなく小さなコーヒーショップでも ”100%Compostable” と書かれたストローを見かけることが多くなりました。このブッシュウィックにもプラスティックフリーのお店ができ始めています。素晴らしいことです。では私たち個人の生活での変化はどうでしょうか?


ある友人が日本の静岡でウミガメの保護、生態調査をしながらボランティアで浜辺のゴミを回収清掃している。毎回トラックの荷台にゴミを満杯に積み上げても乗りきらなくて、また次の日には浜辺にゴミが溢れている。そんな終わりのない作業を日々続けています。 みんなが同じ活動をできるわけがないけれど、一人の人間として自分には何ができるのか、もっと僕らに身近な問題として問題提起できないかと話合い今回も引き続き環境問題に関する展示をすることになりました。