This unique group is consisted of a painter, an illustrator, a photographer, and a hair stylist. Two members of the group reside in New York and the other two in Tokyo which makes it an interesting collaboration.

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Graduated from Osaka University of Arts. After teaching at a public junior high school in Osaka, Nakayama moved to the United States in 2012. He produces art that questions our values in modern society and what is truly important in life, using children as a motif. He has directed the art design at a preschool and opens workshops not only for children, but for adults as well. Through art Nakayama continues to teach to a wide audience. Currently he is based in Brooklyn, New York where he displays his art in many galleries and museums. Also gaining popularity overseas, Nakayama’s work is grabbing the attention of the art industry.

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He was drawing animals and plants in simple styles with less colors, which is still his main go-to drawing style.

His painting style, which gives him ample warmth and peace, tends to influence and soften people’s minds…especially in this fast-paced world.

Presently, he is involved in various works, as he has collaborated with Disney, UNIQLO, The New York Times, McDonald’s in Japan, Karmaloop, and so on….

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KOTARO / Hair stylist

Joined the TICK_TOCK staff in 2010. In 2012 he made his debut as a stylist. From assisting for two years in the salon, he had gained and attracted many clients during that time period. He even was featured in hair inspired magazines. 24 years old and the youngest STEP BONE CUT instructor, and at the age of 25 became the youngest manger within the company.  In 2016 Kotaro moved to NY to start expanding the STEP BONE CUT company through the US as an instructor. On top of teaching in the US, kotaro keeps busy with photography, holding event, gallery management, etc.

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Awarded thanks to photographs i took with a simple mobile phone, I started my career through self instructing and studying on my own as a "photo creator". My work started to be recognized by artists from Japan and abroad and I received praises from personalities such as the Japanese dancer Kento Mori, a performer that Stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna have fighted over.


コペルズ Coperus


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​コペルズ Coperus