55 kids day

Exhibition in NY

2019 June 15th - 16th

In SBC STUDIO (Brooklyn,NY)


55日は「こどもの日」。 改めて考えてみると「こどもの日」ってなんなんだろう? 正式には "こどもの人格を重んじ、こどもの幸福をはかるとともに、母に感謝する"ための日らしい。 とは言え、子どもの日だからって特別何かをする人ってそんなに多くはないのではないだろうか。

今年の55日に僕たちが提案したいのはとてもシンプル。難しいことは抜きにして、みんなにとって "子ども" っていう存在をちょっと掘り下げて考えてみる日にしませんか?


An announcement for the next Coperus co-creation event! Read below if you’d like to present your work in New York City!

In Japan, May 5th is referred to as “Children’s Day” (Kodomo-no-Hi). Reflecting upon this, what is the real meaning of this day? The original saying goes that this day is meant for “celebrating the personalities of children, treasuring their happiness, and showing appreciation for their mothers.” However, in practice very little is actually done on this day. What we propose for this day in 2019 is very simple. Why don’t we remove all the excess baggage that comes with the word “child” and reflect simply on this notion? There are people who’s daily lives are filled with the presence of children, and probably those that aren’t. Based on the varied possible meanings of the word child, youngster, offspring, etc., what comes to mind for you? Based on this theme, we ask you to create and submit a piece of work for consideration at our next event.

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Aiko Fukuda @aikofukudadraw/ Miki Tomioka @mikitomioka/ Hiromi Maruo

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Toyohiro Matsushima @s2toyou/ Kotaro @3110koutaro


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